Privacy statement

Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge is the marketing promotion organisation of the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden. In this context, Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge organises, supports, facilitates and co-ordinates various activities and campaigns.

Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge processes personal data in the context of its services. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge handles the personal data it processes with due diligence according to the legal requirements that apply to it. In this privacy policy, Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge informs the data subjects about the purposes for which personal data is processed, how this is done and what rights the data subjects have.

Article 1 Definitions
Personal data: any data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person;
Processing of personal data: any action, or all actions, with regard to personal data;
Data subject: the person to whom the personal data processed by Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge relates;
Processor: the person who processes the personal data for the data controller, in accordance with its instructions and under its explicit responsibility, without being its subordinate;
Employee: a person employed by or under the direct authority of Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge;
Third party: any person, not being: the data controller, a Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge employee, or any other person who processes personal data under the direct authority of the data controller, or a processor.

Article 2 Scope
These regulations apply to all processing of personal data by Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge that falls within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 3 Purposes of processing of personal data
Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge processes personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

1. to provide the services that you have commissioned to Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge to end users of the services, such as consumers who subscribe to a newsletter or bookings made through the tourist office in Vianen en Leerdam.
2. to perform the necessary (business) activities of Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge, including policy development and the collection of statistics;
3. to conduct marketing activities consisting of sending newsletters, such as the monthly partner newsletter or the consumer newsletter, to make targeted offers to the parties involved, sending press releases or invitations to meetings for sending personalised messages that correspond to your situation, interests and/or the situation of your company;
4. to display the location, organisation, profile and contact information on the website in public and closed sections in accordance with the agreed design of your online platform maintained by Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge. This includes, for example, the data of a restaurant and contact details for display on a tourist website. It is also possible that it has been agreed with you that profile or personal data will be displayed online in the member overview and/or pages of individual persons, whether or not accessible via a password, to permit the users of your website to contact each other or to view information yourself and/or to put it online;
5. to track how and to what extent you use the services of Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge and to maintain and improve Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge’s services based on this use;
6. to send invitations to (technical) meetings such as workshops organised by Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge or one of its partners and similar meetings.

Article 4 Personal data
Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge processes data containing the name and place of residence of the data subject (NW data) as well as e-mail addresses, insofar as this is necessary for the purposes specified in Article 3.

Article 5 Careful handling of personal data
1. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge ensures that personal data is processed carefully and properly.
2. Every employee is obliged to comply with the privacy regulations and to keep the personal data confidential.
3. Every employee has access to the personal data only insofar as this is necessary for the performance of his/her own duties.

Article 6 Acquisition of personal data
1. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge obtains the personal data directly from the data subject.
2. If the personal data was not obtained from the data subject, Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge records in its files the source from which the personal data was obtained.

Article 7 Provision of personal data
1. Personal data that has not been made anonymous will only be provided to third parties with the unambiguous consent of the data subject, unless the disclosure to third parties is necessary for the execution of the agreement with the data subject, in order to fulfil a legal obligation to which the data controller is subject, or if such disclosure is necessary is to safeguard the vital interests of the data subject or for the protection of the justified interests of the data controller or the third party.
2. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge may, with due observance of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, outsource the processing of personal data to a processor.

Article 8 Retention periods
The data is stored for as long as is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of the agreed services in accordance with the agreements concluded with the processor’s data controllers. On the termination of the agreement, all data must be destroyed immediately. As soon as an end user, the client or other entitled party requests the interim removal of the personal data, this will be performed as quickly as possible but no later than within the applicable legal terms set according to the GDPR.

Article 9 Right to improvement, supplementation, blocking and removal
1. The data subject has the right to be informed about the personal data relating to him or her. Inspection is not required insofar as this is necessary in the interest of protecting the privacy of another person.
2. The data subject has the right to correct, delete, supplement or block the personal data relating to him or her.
3. A request as referred to under point 2 contains the changes to be made.
4. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge shall ensure that the identity of the applicant is correctly established.
5. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge informs the applicant in writing, within four weeks of receiving the request, of the extent to which Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge has complied with the request.
6. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge ensures that a decision to improve, supplement, remove or block is performed as quickly as possible.

Article 10 Right of objection
The data subject has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data in connection with personal circumstances. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge shall end the processing of the personal data within four weeks of receiving such an objection and shall notify the data subject about the measures taken.

Article 11 Legal protection
1. In the event of the rejection of a request on the basis of Articles 9 or 10, the data subject may apply to the court with a written request to order Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge to grant the request or to honour the objection.
2. The request letter must be submitted within six weeks of receiving the reply from Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge. If Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge has not replied within the specified period of four weeks, the request letter must be submitted within six weeks of the expiration of that period.
3. The data subject can also contact the Data Protection Authority within the period referred to in point 2 with the request to mediate in or advise on the dispute with Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge.

Article 12
These regulations can be consulted at

Article 13
1. These regulations come into force on 28 August 2018. These regulations can be cited as the “Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge Privacy Regulations”.
2. For more information about the processing of personal data by Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge, please contact Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge on the phone number +31 (0)347 369 911 or by e-mail on
3. Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge reserves the right to change and update this privacy policy periodically. The new privacy policy becomes effective 14 days after Stichting Tussen Lek & Linge has announced the changes via it's website.