Go on the road between Lek & Linge. Discover the most beautiful places between the rivers, such as the historic cities, each with its own character. Meet each other, relax in the beautiful nature and sometimes do nothing at all...

Relax in nature between Lek & Linge

Between the two rivers Lek and Linge you will find a piece of authentic Netherlands. A typical Dutch landscape with beautiful nature. The ideal place for a relaxing cycling tour or hike.

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Discover the historic towns between Lek & Linge

  • Leerdam

    Be blown away by Leerdam.

  • Vianen

    Discover the monumental city with more than 190 national monuments.


Discover the Waterlines Between Lek & Linge

The New Dutch Waterline is a defence line that spans 85 kilometres. Between 1815 and 1940, the New Dutch Waterline made it impossible for the enemy to reach the West of the Netherlands. The New Dutch Waterline has been given a new, peaceful function. Nowadays it is a beautiful green and open area with exciting buildings and a variety of possibilities for recreation. There are many special activities for visitors in the forts, as well as in the fortified towns and castles. Here, history comes to life.

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Wandelaars bij bunkers van de Hollandse Waterlinies

Meet each other between Lek & Linge - Discover cozy restaurants, fun activities and accommodations for your next visit!