Catholic Mary Church


Maria Onbevlekt Ontvangen kerk
Meent 67
4141 AB Leerdam
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Not only the outside of the church is beautiful, but once you are inside you immediately see why many people in Leerdam consider this the most beautiful church in Leerdam. Unlike many other Roman Catholic churches, the Mary Church does not have many decorations. The parabolic arches in the masonry are characteristic for this church.

In the church a band of brightly colored glass tiles in turquoise, white and azure can be found. These colors are specially composed from graniver by workers of the Leerdam Glassfactory. Graniver, also called glass granite or stone glass, is made from grounded glass and sand. This material was invented by the former director of the Glass Factory in Leerdam, Cochius.

The Mary Church can be visited by appointment.

Opening times

  • The Mary Church can be visited by appointment.